Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Chapel Market Recap Part 2

Yesterday, I shared with you guys the amazing time we had at The Chapel Market this past weekend.  I had so much to tell you all that I just had to break it up into two posts so I could pack it all in without making one excrutiatingly long post. 

After we finished shopping all of the wonderful vendor's booths, we made our way around the quaint little neighborhood.  It really seemed like a movie set. 

Drive by photos!  The landscaping in this neighborhood was beautiful. I just had to capture it! Once we meandered through the neighborhood, we made our way "across the way" as one lady called it. We had the opportunity to look in about four model homes. They all had things about them that I liked, however, only one was furnished.  It was my favorite of the four. Not because it was furnished....I can look past that. It had my favorite layout. 

This home had some wonderful built-ins throughout the home.  When you first walk in, the living/kitchen/dining area greet you. The open shelves provide great storage on one side.....

And a banquet welcomes you to sit and have a meal on the other. I really loved the idea of a built-in banquet, however, this home did not have a formal dining room. This was the only area for eating, so I would've preferred maybe the banquet for family dinners or breakfast and a formal dining room for holidays and company.  

The kitchen had honed marble countertops and a mosaic backsplash.  There was so much room there to cook and prep! 

This was the downstairs bedroom.  It was a good size and tastefully staged.  The ceilings downstairs were ten feet high and all of the ceilings upstairs were nine feet. 

As you approach the upstairs landing, a spacious built-in greets you. The back of the built-in was bead board. 

This shared bedroom was so adorable.  You walk into the Jack and Jill bathroom into.....

.....the second shared bedroom.  I love the built-in bunk beds, complete with lights for reading.  The red butterfly chairs were actually metal. They were so cute!

And the master bedroom was done in a soothing blue. My favorite thing about it are the bedside lights.  

And lastly, here are the goodies I got to bring home from such a wonderful market:

The basket cloche, marquis letters which I was told come from the high school in Thistlewood, and crystals came from Thistlewood Farms.  The zinc mini chalkboards and the "H," "i," and Alabama state cards came from Perfectly Imperfect.  

I loved this repurposed knob turned picture holder from Urban Farmgirl.  

The scrabble letters came from Miss Mustard Seed.  Yes, I am missing an "h" but I've got that covered.  My friend, Stephanie, said she had one I could have. 

The adorable yardstick arrow was made by Laura of Finding Home. She was super sweet I enjoyed getting to meet her. 

And, lastly, the two little brown pedestals were from Mary Kay Andrews.  

I can't wait to get all of these to their new places in my home.  When I bought these items, I had a specific place or purpose in mind for them in my home.  Do you do that when you shop?  Do you hold off on purchases when you are not sure how you will use it even if you love it?  Or do purchase things you love and worry about the specifics later?  

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