Saturday, October 05, 2013

Game On!

Day 6
When it comes to home improvement, I totally feel like Wayne and Garth playing street hockey.  They can't get more than one play in before they are interrupted. 

That is how it has been around our house trying to get projects done. We start and stop. Start and stop. Start and stop.  In my idealistic, perfectionistic brain, every home improvement project should have been done months ago. But life happens.  Things get busy.  The kids have homework and dance and ball games and birthday parties.  Unexpected things happen. Like the roof leaks or the air conditioner quits or the laundry room floods (all in one month.)

We have been in our current home for a year and a half now. Are we finished with our home improvement endeavors? Not even close.  We still have a lot to do.  But that is okay.

I am learning to cut myself some slack.

As I am revising home this month, it is forcing me to be proactive, have a plan, and get some of the to-do's checked off my list.  Hallelujah! (Or as Madea woud put it, "Halleluyer!")

Life may be crazy sometimes, but I can take my cue from Wayne and Garth, let things pass and then its game on!

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