Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wood Christmas Signs

This year, I decided to make a few wood Christmas signs for our home and front porch.  We even used them as props in our Christmas photos.

Photo courtesy Newman's Photography

Photo courtesy Newman's Photography

Photo Courtesy Newman's Photography
Goodness!  Sometimes my girls are so silly! 

After our photos, the Joy to the World signs made their way to the front porch

I used basically the same methods on all my signs, with some variation. Here's how each was made. 

Joy to the World sign:
For these signs, I used a Cricut to cut out large letters. ( I didn't have enough vinyl for those large letters, so paper it was.)  I painted the sign white, my background color of choice, then placed the paper letters where I wanted them. I then traced each letter and then hand painted the signs. Not hard or complicated, just a little time consuming. 

Merry and Bright sign:
This sign was a bit easier than the Joy to the World ones. I used vinyl instead of paper so it made it easier. First, I painted the board red where "merry" would be and green where "bright" would be. The "and" is just the natural wood showing.  Once the red and green where completely dry, I placed my vinyl on the board. Then, I painted over the whole thing with white paint. When the paint dries and you peel off the vinyl, it leaves the red and green underneath. This process is easier and less time consuming than the "trace and hand paint" route.  

Oh Holy Night sign:
This sign was made using the same process as the Merry and Bright sign. This time, though, I just let the natural wood shine through.  I placed my vinyl letters that I cut out with a Cricut on each board, painted white, dusted with glitter while the paint was still wet, and let dry. Once dry, I simply peeled off the vinyl and DONE! The only thing I would recommend for adding glitter is that if you want the glitter to stay on the sign and not end up on your floor, you need to give it a clear coat of poly. I regrettably skipped this step and have been sweeping up glitter. I will have to do that before I store these for next year. 

I think that basically covers it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or email me and I will do my best to help! 

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