Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Home Tour: The Burgess Family

Thanks for being patient with me getting this post up today. I had internet connection issues, and just now have been able to get online to post. Today, as promised, I have another beautiful Christmas home tour for you.  Dr. Walt Burgess and his beautiful wife (and one of my sweetest friends) Jan have been gracious enough to let us tour their amazing historical home. I hope you enjoy!

The Burgesses; Jan, Dr. Walt, Bethany, Parker, and Brooke. 

Welcome to the Burgess home!

This gorgeous home was built starting in 1934 and was completed in 1936.  The architecture is absolutely stunning and has proven to be timeless! While the Burgesses have remodeled and updated this home, they have maintained a lot of the original architecture and character when possible. 

The Foyer

View of foyer from the dining room. 

There are a lot of original light fixtures still in the home, and this is one of them! They are gorgeous! While I am showing you this one, let me highlight a couple others that are upstairs. 

Stunning, aren't they? Now back to the foyer. 

From almost anywhere you stand in this home, you can see arched doorways. I love them. This particular view is right when you walk in the front door and look to your right. See the three arches just in that one line of sight?

The Study

Jan told me that the wood in this home is cypress and it was imported from South America when they built this home! What a feat, especially in the Depression era. 

The Kitchen

Beautiful black counters top white cabinets. Classic combo!

 Another original light fixture.

The Formal Dining Room

 Yet another gorgeous original chandelier. Jan added Christmas ornaments to make it festive!

A view of the foyer from the dining room.

The Formal Living Room

This fireplace surround is original to the home and is limestone. 

Jan stayed with classic silver and gold Christmas decor in the foyer and living room. 

That concludes all of my home tours for this year! Thanks again, Burgess family, and all of the other families for allowing us a peek into your holiday homes!

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