Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Home Tour: The Sansoms

Well, today is day four of Home Tour Week!  If you missed the first three days, you can see those here, here, and here.  I love how each home is different. Isn't it neat to see the Christmas traditions, ways of decorating, and the meaning behind some of the items they display? It's funny how something as small as an ornament or a nativity scene can conjure memories of Christmases past, of our childhood, and of happy times. 

Photo by Leigh Anne Oneal
Today, the Sansom family has been gracious enough to open up their home to us!  This sweet family lives right next door to me, and I've known them for years. Ashton and I were expecting our first child at the same time, only three months apart. It is wonderful to see how our families have grown since then! (And back then, we never in a million years would've thought we'd be next door neighbors!)  They built this home only a couple years ago about six months after we bought our home here. I am so thankful for great neighbors!

The Entryway

This blue dresser used in her entry is gorgeous! It's even more beautiful in person!  Such a classic piece. Ashton displays her simple Nativity scene here. So pretty. 

The Dining Area

An architectural detail I like about the home is the arches designating the dining area. This home also has high ceilings. I have a design crush on high ceilings. 

This pencil tree is nestled right in the corner of the dining area. All of the ornaments on this tree are special keepsakes. They buy their three girls an ornament each year, as well as buy one for each other. Most of the ornaments have tiny handprints and dates each were made. Such a sweet way to capture fleeting childhoods!

Living Area and Kitchen

They have affectionately dubbed this tree their Charlie Brown tree. It is a live fir, if I remember correctly. I love that Ashton used two kinds of lights on this tree; small white lights, and large color lights. (And the three wise men tree topper made by Sara Catherine, their oldest daughter is totally adorable,too.)

 I love the way Ashton displays her Christmas cards.....a little ribbon on her cabinets with small clothespins. Cute!

Thanks, Sansom family, for allowing us a little peek into your holiday traditions!  

Be sure to come back tomorrow for another beautiful home!  And by the way, I am extended the home tours to next Monday as well!  You won't want to miss either home.  See you tomorrow!

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