Friday, January 31, 2014

Simple Valentine Door Hanging

There are two things that I like for my husband to give me for Valentine's and chocolate.  And when I was trying to come up with something simple to hang on my front door for V-Day, I looked over and saw my sheet music wall hanging that I made about three years ago.  I immediately saw that if I added a fabric rosette to the middle, it would look like a pretty V-Day flower.  That's right up my ally.  

I don't usually decorate very much for Valentine's Day, so this was a great compromise for me.  It was something fresh, but I didn't have to make something completely new.  I used a fabric scrap to make the rosette, then hot-glued it to the center.  It now hangs on my front door in all its' floral glory.  (My front door is completely covered and even if it rains pretty hard, it doesn't get wet.  This sheet music is safe.)

Do you go all out for Valentine's Day, or keep it simple?  Do you make plans ahead of time for your loved ones, or do you wing it, rushing to the store at the last minute for gifts or candy?  I'm trying to plan ahead a bit this year, and I have some special plans for my little family for Valentine's night.  I look forward to sharing!

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