Thursday, November 14, 2013

Budget Thanksgiving Kid Table

This kid table decor cost me less than $6 for four place settings. 

I wanted a no-fuss kid table. One that I didn't mind if it got spilled on, stained, or a little messy.  If your kids are anything like mine, there is bound to be some sort of mess by the end of the meal. 

I wanted to give the kiddos a fun area, but I didn't want to spend a lot of moolah. 

I raided the dollar aisle at Target after Halloween and scored lots of dollar items for only 30 cents each.  

These are wine bags.  I have no use for them as wine bags, but I loved the cute sayings on them.  I grabbed them knowing that I could think of another way to use them.  I stuffed them with plastic bags so they would stand up and greet everyone with their cute sayings. 

I already had napkins, forks, sodas, pumpkins, burlap, and twine.  Most items were leftover from fall decorating and my sister's Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

Let's break it down. How much did I spend?
At Target--(75% off dollar aisle items) 
*wine bags                   3 @ .30
*Treat cups                 1 @ .30
*Felt pumpkins          4 @ .30
*Turkey tea lights      2 @ .30
*Happy Harvest sign 2 @ .30

At Hobby Lobby--(last year 75% off end of season sale)
*place cards          1 pack @ .50

At Dollar Store
*plates                    1 pack @ $1

For a total of................... $5.10 plus tax 

Simple, but inexpensive and something that the kiddos can enjoy!

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