Tuesday, September 02, 2014

No Spend August Recap

Hello, lovelies! I hope you had an amazing Labor Day weekend! My hubby, kiddos, and I had a really chilled out day, but it was nice to spend time together.  I cooked a huge breakfast (Jared and my girls' favorite meal of the day),  we went to a flea market and thrift store (and only spent right under $20, believe it or not),  and worked a little on our laundry room project (will share an update really soon.) (Go check Part 1 and Part 2 of our Laundry Room Rescue!)

If you remember, I accepted the challenge from +Lydia Senn  of Five4Five Meals and more to participate in No Spend August.  In my original post, I outlined the things I would not spend money on in August. Here's a recap of how well I did sticking to my guns. 

*No movie rentals: I did really well with this one. I didn't rent movies all month. Until this weekend.  And guess what I did? I forgot to take them back on time so I got hit with a double charge. Boom! That's why I need to stay away from rentals. I would acutally save money by subscribing to a streaming service if I keep forgetting to return the movies on time. 
*No book downloads: I stuck to this one as well. The only books I downloaded were free. I didn't spend money on books all month. 
*No buying home decor: I said I wouldn't buy any home decor other than stuff needed for projects we already had going on. I stayed out of flea markets and thrift stores all month. I even went to Target and didn't buy any home stuff. BUT. TJ Maxx got me. We stopped in TJ Maxx looking for something for my girls and I saw it.  There it was in all of its gold foil glory and I had to get it. I just had to. It. Was. The. Last. One! So, $16 later, I had a pretty little gold feather print that resides in my living room. 

Instagram photo. Hey, are you following me on Instagram?

*Eating out: This was the hardest one for us to stick to. Remember I didn't say that we wouldn't eat out at all, just limit it to once a week. We did well with that until last week. 

Overall, I am pleased with how our No Spend August went and look forward to doing it again!  It really showed me how much I usually spend on frivolous things. It wasn't that hard to NOT spend on those things for the most part. It forced me to get creative and we were all the better for it. 

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