Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Dining Room (Update)

If you've been following along, you know that recently, we went on a huge rearranging spree at our house and switched the dining room and living room. We were hoping for a better use of space, and a better fit for our recently purchased furniture. I couldn't be happier with the progress so far. We do use both rooms more now, and it feels cozier and homier already. 

Here's a look back on the progression of this room.....

After painting over the peach walls, we still had to replace the worn carpet.  It made a huge difference once we did. 

This past Christmas, this is what the room looked like. After having been in our home for a year and a half, and making numerous updates, this room still felt cold.  Not quite right. I am so glad we decided to make this our dining room. 

Here is what this room looks like currently, albeit unfinished. It is such a better use of space for us. We have had friends and family over a couple of times since we made the swap, and I have loved having space for everyone to sit. And this being right off of the kitchen has made it more convenient. I took the navy curtains out and put the curtains that were in what is now the living room in here. 

I used a lot of natural hues in this year's fall decorating. And I had to include the hydrangeas that I dried a few weeks ago. This arrangement is contained in two wooden office trays. (Source list for all decor at bottom of post.)

I am really loving our light fixture! There was an off-centered ceiling fan there. We had to swag the light over for it to be centered above the table. 

For above the buffet, I made another hydrangea wreath like the one I did for the front door. This one is smaller, but it makes big impact in the room. 

Here, I used a white pumpkin as a plate pedestal just to give it a little fall interest and variation in height. 

We still have few things to do in this space to make it cohesive and finished out.  Here are my plans:

The current "sitting area."  This room is large enough for a full-fledged couch or loveseat. Eventually, we will fully furnish this room. But, I have to be patient. 

I really like my off-kilter plate wall above my little bar cart. I will have to re-do this as well, since I am taking the navy elements out of the room. I will have to figure out a way to do something cute and funky here without so many contrasting colors. 

Table centerpiece
Wooden trays, thrift store
Grapevine spheres, (both natural and gold) Pier 1
Natural gourds and pumpkins, Hobby Lobby
White pumpkin picks, Hobby Lobby
Dried hydrangeas, ones I dried a few weeks ago
Wood bottom hurricanes, TJ Maxx
Dining table, made by my two of my best friend's dad
Black chairs, Target
White parsons chairs, Craigslist
Light fixture, Lowe's

Black Buffet, antique
White mirror, TJ Maxx
Mercury Glass Gourd Lamps, TJ Maxx
Three Tier Server, Willow House
Monogram white coffee cups, Anthropologie
White square plates, Pier 1
Napkins, Target

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