Friday, April 11, 2014

Modern Gallery Wall

In the longest running room redesign in the history of forever, I am finally heading into the home stretch. (Like my baseball analogy?  I've got ball on the brain these days with my kiddos both playing.)  I finished up the gallery wall in Katlyn and Ashlyn's bedroom design this morning and couldn't wait to snap some pics and show you how it turned out. 

It isn't perfect and may be a little quirky but I really like how it turned out.  If fills up the whole wall nicely. And I did it with items I already had on hand, or found at a thrift store. 

First, let's take another look at the progression of this room.

When we first moved in, it looked like this. Cavernous red/orange walls. Blah!

Then, I made a colorful, whimsical room for Ashlyn.  And when the two separate rooms thing wasn't working, Idecided to make a shared space for both my girls. And that is how we have ended up here. 

Here's what I used for the gallery wall:

1. Free printable in thrifted frame that I painted white. (You can find the printable here.)
2. Printable quote that I made in a BHG frame. 
3.Convex mirror that I already had. 
4. Eiffel tower we already had left over from Katlyn's Parisian room.  
5. Large framed chalkboard I purchased at a local flea market for around $20.
6. Jared and I made this sign last year for Ashlyn's fifth birthday party. I flipped it over and mod podged the words on it.
7. Thrifted frame I painted pink and retrofitted with chicken wire. I already had this item. 
8. Swiss cross art that I made from scrap wood, then mod podged the cross onto it. 
9.  Art print from HollyDays in a BHG frame.  

This art print was the inspiration for the color scheme in this room.  The walls were already painted blue, and this print gave me the idea to bring in the pink as an accent color.  To check other art prints or items available from HollyDays,  go here

Here, I cut out the word cloud art I made and a photo and hung with mini clothes pins. I added extra clothespins for when the girls want to add more photos. 

This word cloud art was so easy to make.  You can see my post about it here

I love the way this sign looks all aged and weathered. I'd love to tell you that it was intentional, but it really is because I left the sign in the garage for almost a year.  And can I just tell you how much I love Mod Podge?  Cutting out the words and numbers and giving it a little Mod Podge love was easy and it turned out great. I googled how far our home town is from Paris, so that is an accurate number. 

When I saw this large chalkboard at the flea market, I knew I had to get it.  It is the perfect centerpiece for the gallery wall.  I found the sister quote on Pinterest (how sweet, right?) and hand lettered it. 

Katlyn is still enamored with the idea of going to France so I couldn't bear to part with her Eiffel tower from her old room. I decided to incorporate it into this new design.  My brother brought the girls back some items from Paris (he has a layover in Paris when he goes to work) so that renewed the dream for my girls.

I absolutely love, love, love this convex mirror.  It was another flea market find I bought for less than $10, then painted white. I have used it in other locations in our home, like here, but it has finally found a permanent spot on this wall. 

This Divergent quote printable is by far my most pinned item on Pinterest right now.  I made it in three colors, so if the pink isn't for you, you can download and print it in either the blue-green or lime green.  You can download it here

I still have some finishing touches, like the bedding and pillows, to finish up.  But it really is coming along nicely.  Se that pouf there?  I found it at Target for 50% off.  It matched so well with the black, pink, and blue that I snatched it up immediately. I love those serendipitous finds. 

And I couldn't bid you farewell for the weekend without showing you these pics.  My oldest, Katlyn, has a very creative mindset. She likes to put her own touch on things as much as her mommy does.  I found this when I walked into the foyer.  She flipped the milk glass vase upside down, sat the bird on top, then tied a jute twine bow.  This made me grin so big!

And yesterday, I found this in her backpack on the back of one of her papers. "Love is my dream."  How sweet. That is a very good dream to have, isn't it? It made my heart melt.  

I hope to continue to encourage creativity in my girls.  Maybe something as simple as a room redesign can foster their imagination and show them in a tangible way how that can be applied in life. I can only hope so.

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