Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nightstand Makeover

Still in true fashion of keeping up the longest running room makeover in the history of room makeovers, I am just now getting around to refinishing a nightstand that has probably been sitting in my garage for at least a year. 

My grandmother gave it to me to refinish for her bedroom thinking it was solid wood.  It was not. It was in pretty rough shape with chipped corners and the top bubbling up where something wet had sat on it.  I gave her a nightstand I had that was in better condition thinking that this one was going to get trashed. Yet still, it sat in my garage. I couldn't bear to throw it away even though it looked so rough, hoping that I could maybe salvage it. 

That is where the Zinsser comes in.  This stuff is wonderful!  It is a primer, stain blocker, and bond coat in one.  I put two coats of primer on it.  The finish after the primer wasn't the best, but considering what I was working with, it was okay. I originally was going to paint this white, but after seeing what it looked like after two coats of primer, I opted to go with blue to cover better.  (I thought that the room needed some color on the wall where this was going so it worked out well.) To cover the imperfections on the top of the nightstand, I used Mod Podge to adhere scrapbook paper to the top.  Two coats of Mod Podge and a layer of clear sealer later, it came out looking great!

I spray painted the knobs gold so they would pop against blue drawers. I love the combination of black and white, blue, and gold. It goes so well together. 

(In case you missed the post about the gallery wall, click here. And the post about how to make the monogram wall art, here.)

As you can tell, the room is coming together, but it still lacks a few things that would make it complete.  Here is what my current list looks like......

Shared Bedroom To-Do List:
*Paint over tree wall 
*Paint polka-dot feature wall
*Get new (or in this case, gently used) matching beds
*Order Ashlyn a coverlet that matches Katlyn's existing one
*Get new blinds
*Hang new curtains
*Make throw pillows 
*Make monogram art
*Replace ceiling fan
*Find nightstand or table to put in between beds (refinishing one)
*Hang art on walls
*Find a throw blanket, quilt, or comforter to go at end of bed and be used during colder weather
*Spray paint existing lamp and get new lamp shade.  Actually ended up using an existing light fixture.
*Paint closet doors with chalkboard paint

Only four more things to cross off and I will be done. I have had a diffucult time finding the correct bedding/pillow covers/fabric to make them so I came up with an idea that I can't wait to tell you about. It is on its way, but I am going to stay tight-lipped about it for now. Have a marvelous Tuesday!

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