Thursday, March 06, 2014

Operation Sister Share: Bedroom Update

This bedroom swap-up project has been dragging on forever now.  It always seems that there are other things to do and finish up.  Thankfully, this week I was able to get a few of my to-do's crossed off my list. I am not by any means finished, but I really like the direction the room is moving in.

I started the project off by painting over the tree mural (this was Ashlyn's whimsical room), and then I painted the polka dot focal wall. 

Then I had this blank slate to work with. The basics were there.  I just had to start adding layers to make it a cozy, complete room. 

Remember this blank slate?
I hung the DIY Striped curtains, and then was ready to start adding wall art and other touches. 

To make Monogram Wall Art, I drew out letters on scrap wood and my sweet husband cut them out for me.  I then used fabric I picked out for the throw pillows, and Mod Podged it onto the wood.  Mod Podge is my new best friend. I painted the edges of the wood white.  

I also added banners onto the headboard.  I used glitter scrapbook paper, cut out the pennant shape, and hot glued it to pink ribbon.  I'm not sure if that will stay there, especially when I get the throw pillows onto the bed.  I may relocate them, but they are there for now. 

The next thing we added was the bedside light.  I already had this IKEA light fixture and it had been sitting in my mud room for months. It was silver and I spray painted blue to bring a pop of color onto that wall. Instead of hanging it from the ceiling, Jared and I hung it with a metal shelf bracket we found at Lowe's.  The mirrored side table is not staying there. It's there temporarily until I get the nightstand refinished.  That will eventually go in the Master Bedroom. (By the way, I got it 70% off at Target. I was originally $99, and I got it for $30!)

The small blue pillows were placemats that came from Target. I opened up the side seam and stuffed them to make accent pillows. They will looks so much better when I get all the bedding and pillows on there. 

So there's what we have so far.  I am in the home stretch and am looking forward to seeing the end result. 

Shared Bedroom To-Do List:
*Paint over tree wall 
*Paint polka-dot feature wall
*Get new (or in this case, gently used) matching beds
*Order Ashlyn a coverlet that matches Katlyn's existing one
*Get new blinds
*Hang new curtains
*Make throw pillows 
*Make monogram art
*Replace ceiling fan
*Find nightstand or table to put in between beds (refinishing one)
*Hang art on walls
*Find a throw blanket, quilt, or comforter to go at end of bed and be used during colder weather
*Spray paint existing lamp and get new lamp shade.  Actually ended up using an existing light fixture.
*Paint closet doors with chalkboard paint

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