Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Glittery Gold Christmas Tree

I have been working, working, working around here to get our home all gussied up for the Christmas season!  It looks like a glitter bomb went off in my house.  I started pulling our stuff out of storage about two and a half weeks ago, and had planned on being 100% finished by now, but after two bouts of sickness over the last couple of weeks, it just hasn't happened. I may be about 75% finished at this point.  

But I did want to show you our tree today.

Glittery silver and gold with pops of lime green.  And glitter. Lots of glitter. Did I mention glitter?

I had been eyeing these beautiful starburst mirrors for a while. You can find this mirror set at Target.  When I ordered the set a couple of weeks ago, they were having a home sale, so I got them 30% off, I think, as well as getting free shipping and an extra 5% off for using my Target Red debit card.  They have gone back up to regular price now, but keep watching for the next home decor sale to catch them at a good deal.  I thought that I would nestle them into the tree and use one as a topper and then after the holidays, they will find a new place on my walls. So, onto the tree they went!

I did tie a few burlap bows on the tree this year as well.  I used burlap corded trim and green Christmas trim to add a little pop of color.  They are subtly nestled around the tree. 

To make decorating for Christmas more affordable, I use an assortment of dollar store and thrift items with some of my boutique items. I also shop the day after Christmas for great deals on holiday decor.  

And don't forget to top off the look with coordinating gift wrap!  More on that later. 

So, do you have all of your Christmas decorations up?  I am so ready to get all of the finishing touches done!  Be sure to check back for DIY  tutorials for ornaments, those gold magnolia wreaths pictured above, fresh greenery garland, and lots more!  

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