Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fall Entryways

I spent the afternoon, yesterday, freshening up our entryways for fall. If you follow on Instagram, you've probably seen the struggle I have been having with my puppy, Molly, regarding this fall decor. Apparently, her favorite thing in the whole wide world is a hay bale. And she thinks the small pumpkins are new balls for her to play with.

She scratches at the hay bale to loosen the hay, then makes a little bed she can snuggle down in.  She has a nice little dog house and we even put lots of hay in it thinking that it would entice her to stay in her house. But nooooo. She prefers to make my fall decor her bed and camps out there everynight (and throughout the day).  We have found pumpkins on our sidewalk and in our front yard. We have scolded. We have swept up the hay and put the pumpkins and mums back, and we continue to find Molly in "her" spot when we check on her. She has claimed it. It is hers. 

Side Entry

Yesterday, determined to commandeer my fall decor, I decided to spruce things up a bit, adding some pots with ornamental kale and cabbage, pansies, snapdragons, and violas. I "fixed" Molly's hay bale as best I could and decorated away. This is the first year that I have used hay bales and corn stalks in my decor, but I thought that since I have the room at the side entry that I would do a little more this year. 

As you can see, I tried to fix Molly's hay bale as best I could, but it is still in poor condition. I tried. 

 Front Entry

Here, I kept everything simple only using pumpkins, mums, cornstalks, and the dried hydrangea wreath I made last month. 

I added a small chalkboard sign on the door for a little something extra.

I planted ornamental kale, cabbage, snapdragons, and pansies in my front window box. Since I just planted it yesterday, it is small. I will update when it has filled in a little more. 

Transitioning Decor 

I like to use the same decor from September through November if at all possible. Sometimes, the pumpkins might need to be replaced or thrown out depending on the South Alabama heat, but for the most part, it lasts pretty well. I keep things simple in September. When October arrives, I might add some fall flowers like I did for my side entry and window box.  Then, adding something simple like these crows can transition fall decor into Halloween. Now, I don't usually decorate for Halloween, but I wanted to show how easy and inexpensive it can be to transition your decor for a slightly different look. These crows were only $1 each at the Dollar Tree. Adding a few of them to the corn stalks is an easy way to get a Halloween feel without having to completely start over with the decor. 

 Same concept with the front door. I simply changed out the sign from "Welcome Fall" to "Boo!"  Adding the birds on those cornstalks as well would complete the Halloween look, and once again, all on a budget. 

The Culprit Strikes Again

Last night, when I arrived home from my Zumba class, I found little miss Molly back in her spot.  After all that work yesterday, I still lost to this puppy.  I guess I will concede. She can have her hay bale. For now. 

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