Friday, September 26, 2014

Get Fit Friday: 100 Mile Challenge

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The above statement is my motto, my creed. A friend posted it on Facebook a few days ago and it immediately struck a chord with me. I often feel like I am battling myself, that I am fighting against two versions of me. I guess I am; the old me and the me I am becoming. Sometimes the old me rears her ugly head and she wins. She is ruthless. She is cunning. She knows exactly how to manipulate the new me into her way of thinking. It is a constant battle. BUT.....she may have won a few of those battles, but she will not win the war. 

Now that I've started this post on a bit of a schizophrenic note, let me just warn you. It's gonna be one of "those" posts where you will see kind of how my mind works. So, last night as I was preparing for this post while watching The Biggest Loser, I started trying to think of ways to keep myself motivated. I immediately thought that if I could have some way of visually tracking progress, that it would help. 

I decided to make a chart with one hundred boxes that represent miles. As I walk (or run) miles, I get to cross the box off. When I reach the one hundred mile mark, I will treat myself. I'm not sure what that treat will be yet. I need to decide so that I have something to look forward to. I thought about a mani/pedi, a facial, new clothes.  I don't know. What do you think would be a good motivating reward? 

If you want to join me on the 100 Mile Challenge, print your own copy and track your progress. As you complete it, upload a photo to my Facebook page and share! I want to celebrate with you! For personal use only. You can download the file HERE.
As I was making up my little printable chart, I kept singing in my head, "And I would walk a hundred miles, and I would walk a hundred more..." I know the song technically says five hundred, but, nonetheless, that was what was stuck in my head.  So here it is for you to get  stuck in your head enjoy. You're welcome.

Then, Rob Schneider's voice kept ringing out in the back of my head, "You can do it!" Thanks, Rob, for perpetually giving me that little bit of encouragement in the back of my head ever since I saw Waterboy.  (In a Cajun accent. Over and over again.) 

Anyway, Cajun Man and I both say, "You can do it!"  If you decide to take the 100 Mile Challenge, please let me know. I would love to know that I have someone hustling along, too. Next week, I will update you on how many miles I got to cross off. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Dining Room (Update)

If you've been following along, you know that recently, we went on a huge rearranging spree at our house and switched the dining room and living room. We were hoping for a better use of space, and a better fit for our recently purchased furniture. I couldn't be happier with the progress so far. We do use both rooms more now, and it feels cozier and homier already. 

Here's a look back on the progression of this room.....

After painting over the peach walls, we still had to replace the worn carpet.  It made a huge difference once we did. 

This past Christmas, this is what the room looked like. After having been in our home for a year and a half, and making numerous updates, this room still felt cold.  Not quite right. I am so glad we decided to make this our dining room. 

Here is what this room looks like currently, albeit unfinished. It is such a better use of space for us. We have had friends and family over a couple of times since we made the swap, and I have loved having space for everyone to sit. And this being right off of the kitchen has made it more convenient. I took the navy curtains out and put the curtains that were in what is now the living room in here. 

I used a lot of natural hues in this year's fall decorating. And I had to include the hydrangeas that I dried a few weeks ago. This arrangement is contained in two wooden office trays. (Source list for all decor at bottom of post.)

I am really loving our light fixture! There was an off-centered ceiling fan there. We had to swag the light over for it to be centered above the table. 

For above the buffet, I made another hydrangea wreath like the one I did for the front door. This one is smaller, but it makes big impact in the room. 

Here, I used a white pumpkin as a plate pedestal just to give it a little fall interest and variation in height. 

We still have few things to do in this space to make it cohesive and finished out.  Here are my plans:

The current "sitting area."  This room is large enough for a full-fledged couch or loveseat. Eventually, we will fully furnish this room. But, I have to be patient. 

I really like my off-kilter plate wall above my little bar cart. I will have to re-do this as well, since I am taking the navy elements out of the room. I will have to figure out a way to do something cute and funky here without so many contrasting colors. 

Table centerpiece
Wooden trays, thrift store
Grapevine spheres, (both natural and gold) Pier 1
Natural gourds and pumpkins, Hobby Lobby
White pumpkin picks, Hobby Lobby
Dried hydrangeas, ones I dried a few weeks ago
Wood bottom hurricanes, TJ Maxx
Dining table, made by my two of my best friend's dad
Black chairs, Target
White parsons chairs, Craigslist
Light fixture, Lowe's

Black Buffet, antique
White mirror, TJ Maxx
Mercury Glass Gourd Lamps, TJ Maxx
Three Tier Server, Willow House
Monogram white coffee cups, Anthropologie
White square plates, Pier 1
Napkins, Target

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What You Wish Wednesday #19

Hello! It's that time of the week again. Yep. That time we can all gather together, and share our posts, and become, you know, internet friends. In case you missed last week's link party, you can go here to see it. And don't forget, we have a Pinterest Board where the hostesses pin all of the featured posts each week. If you aren't following the board, you need to be! Don't forget to check in with the other hostesses to see what their features are for this week. 

Without making you wait a minute longer, here are my top three picks from last week's WYWW link up. 

Fall Mantle Inspiration from Aimlessly Elegant

Thieves Blend Lip Balm from Soul Healthy

Late Summer Porch from Little Brags

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Free Glittery Fall Printable

Fall officially graced us with its presence this week.  Even here in South Alabama this morning, the temperature is mild and pleasant. I walked outside and, no joke, exclaimed, "Oh, glorious day!"  It feels that good outside.  It is such a huge difference from the sweltering heat and oppressive humidity.

When fall arrives, I feel like I am greeting an old friend:

Oh, hello Fall!  Nice to see you again. It's been too long since we last hung out. Can you stick around for a while?  I've got a lot planned for us to do while you're visiting. Why don't we take the kiddos to the pumpkin patch to pick out pretty pumpkins? We can go through the corn maze while we are there. Oh, a hayride? That's a lovely idea! And a bonfire so we can make s'mores.  Why don't we go get some apples so we can make homemade apple butter or apple pie.  You want me to make some pumpkin muffins? Sure! Oh, and mums. We have to get lots of pretty mums for the front porch. Fall, I am so glad you are here!

I just had to make a free printable that spoke of greeting on old friend. Oh, hello Fall! Nice to see you again! I mean that from the bottom of my heart. just don't know! (Download at bottom of page.)

For personal use only. Copyright Cultivate Create 2014. 
Click HERE to download. 

Oh, hello Fall. It's you again. Seriously, stop by any time. I have missed you so!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

We Got a Makeover

Do you know that feeling you have right after you get a new haircut or color? Or right after you apply that brand new shade of lipstick or that mascara that makes your eyelashes 20x as big as they really are? It's that feeling of fresh, new starts, of getting to reinvent yourself. You look in the mirror and you actually feel kind of pretty.  A hint of a smile graces your lips and you know it's going to be a good day. Right? 

That's how I feel today. Cultivate Create got a little makeover this past weekend.  It's fresh and new and streamlined. I've updated the About page, and am getting caught up on my Projects, Printables, and Get Healthy pages.  If you've got a minute, go take a look around!

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A huge thanks to Girl Brooks for designing my blog! I love it!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ten Things List and a Printable

A couple weeks ago, my friend Jan and I were on a morning walk. Jan mentioned that she had a ten things list and was going to get started crossing things off when we got finished walking. It immediately piqued my interest because it seemed so simple and yet, so effective. I asked her if it would be okay to share it with you guys today, and being the sweet person that she is, she said yes. 

We talked more about this list of hers. She said that as a stay-at-home mom with young children, it helps to have a list of things, no matter how small, to look back on at the end of the day. Oftentimes us SAHMs get asked, "What did you do all day?" And, you know, sometimes it is really hard to pinpoint what exactly we "accomplished," especially when the children are small and need so much time.  "This way," she said, "I can say 'Here! This is what I did!' "

Even though my children are both in school now, it helps me to have a list to keep me on track during the day. Because my brain gets so easily distracted with things like HGTV or overwhelmed with the fifteen projects that I have going on all at one time.  I have made my "Ten Things" list a few days since Jan shared it with me and I have to say that it really has helped me stay on track.  

Ten Things Tips:
*Even if it is something small, add it to the list. Those things have to be done, too. And for me, the small things are the easiest to forget. 
*Start with the easy things first. Get those crossed off the list, then tackle the more difficult or in depth items on your list. 
*If you don't finish everything on your list today, it's okay! Just add those things to your list the next day. 

And the best part about the Ten Things List? Crossing items off as they are done! I don't know what it is about a list and crossing off those items that makes me feel like I have accomplished something. 

Below, I have made this really simple free printable so you can make your Ten Things List. I printed it as a 5x7 and did two per page. There was still plenty of room to write everything. 

Right click to download to computer, then print. For personal use only. Copyright 2014 Cultivate Create.
Okay, now go do ten things today!  I only have six more and I will be done! 
Thanks, Jan, for sharing!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What You Wish Wednesday #18

Welcome to What You Wish Wednesday #18! Last week, we had some amazing posts linked up. Here are some of my faves!

5 Tips to Dress Great on a Budget from Jenny Cupido

Spicy Thai Cucumber Salad from A Hot Southern Mess

And I had to include this free printable by one of our hostesses, Leslie from Our Joy His Glory. I can't wait to use these for my kiddos. 
Scripture Memory Cards from Our Joy His Glory

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