Monday, April 11, 2016

Why I Blog


When I first started Cultivate Create, I had grand dreams of daily inspirational posts and lots of DIY how-to's. I planned to document taking our fixer upper from dated and drab to done and daring. While I have documented that, the fixing up process now comes in spurts rather than a steady stream. But, over the course of the last two and a half years, I've discovered my love for crafts, pretty tablescapes and parties. Because of my blog, I started being a contributor for Southern Holiday Life magazine and hope to expand that to freelance writing for other publications. I've learned a lot about photography and am still improving in that area. But, one of my favorite things is connecting with you! I love to get feedback from readers and  questions that hopefully I can help answer. I'm not an expert and didn't go to school for design, however, I love design and DIY and have become a student of it. I've immersed myself in that world, and while I'm still learning myself, I love to pass along what I have learned to you guys.

My Favorite Things About Blogging
*Sharing tutorials for DIY and craft projects.
*Learning more about home design and DIY.
*Writing! (I've loved writing since I was a little girl!)
*It motivates me to accomplish things around my home. 
*Sharing resources for shopping for your home.
*Developing Cultivate Create into a source of income for my family.
*Sharing ideas and motivation for making your house a home. 
*Sharing ideas about how to decorate on a budget. 
*It enables me to have a "portfolio" of my work and writing.
*Offering free printables and other ways to decorate for "free."
*Documenting our home and family life. 
*Using it as a creative outlet.
*Encouraging others.
*Sharing party ideas and DIY party decor tutorials.
*Sharing gardening and landscaping tips.
*Connecting with others. (people who are also passionate about crafting and DIY projects, other writers and bloggers, other moms and families, anyone at all!)

I've been thinking a lot about Cultivate Create's purpose and trajectory lately, hoping to soon migrate over to a self-hosted site with a new and improved design as soon as my web designer has an availability. I've also been brainstorming for future posts as well as preparing to share some projects I've been working on around our home. So, my question for you guys is:

What kinds of posts would you like to see in the future?
 More DIY projects? Tutorials? Kid crafts? Family friendly activities? You tell me!

I've asked this question before on my Facebook page and took note from there, but I wanted to again here. Please leave a comment below or you can comment on the link to this post on my FB page or send me a pm or email ( would greatly appreciate the feedback as I work to improve Cultivate Create. 

A challenge for fellow bloggers:
Want to reflect and remind yourself why you started blogging? Write your own "Why I Blog" post and share with hashtag #whyiblog. Be sure to let me know! 

Before I leave you today, I wanted to quickly share with you just a few of my favorite posts so far from this blog. Check them out. I hope you enjoy! Be sure to join this site or follow by email to never miss a post. (Both on the right sidebar.)

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