Saturday, July 11, 2015

DIY Dough Bowl Succulent Planter

A few days ago, I was searching video tutorials on Youtube and I happened upon a channel called Garden Answer. (Seriously, go check it out and subscribe!) I watched one video and I was hooked! I have since devoured most of the videos on that channel. They are so inspiring and informative, and it's every plant lover's dream! There are so many projects that I want to try, but I was so inspired by the succulent planter by Garden Answer that I just had to try one for myself.  While Garden Answer's antique dough bowl planter is much larger and has a lot more plantings, I still love my smaller version. (You can check out Garden Answer's video tutorial HERE.)

Succulents have made a major comeback in the last couple of years, but I haven't seen them as popular as they are now. I have admired them for a while now and couldn't wait to try to grow some myself. When I found that all of Wal-Mart's succulent selections were half off, that gave me the spur to go ahead and try my hand at growing some.

What you'll need:
*Assortment of succulents. I used Echeveria, Seedum, Dracanea, and a couple of others that I'm not sure what the names are. Adjust the amount of succulents depending on the size and depth of your vessel.
*Cactus, Palm, and Citrus potting soil
*Antique dough bowl or another type of vessel
*Hearty plastic (to line your dough bowl to keep it from being damaged)
*A nice, cold glass of lemonade to sip while working

Place your plastic over the dough bowl, making sure to overlap the plastic over the ends. This will be cut later. Then, add your potting soil.

Starting with the tallest plants first, start adding your succulents. If you want to create a definite back and front, put your taller plants toward the back and layer the shorter ones to the front. I wanted mine to be able to be seen from all angles so I put my taller ones in the middle and then added the shorter ones all around. That way, the planter looks somewhat uniform from all angles. Next, add in a few decorative rocks. I used what I had on hand, using only four larger ones for the entire planter. But you could add smaller pebbles or a variety of sizes if you wanted.

Now, cut your plastic to just cover the lip of your vessel. Then begin adding moss, tucking the plastic under as you go. Make sure you don't tuck your plastic too far. You want it to stay under the soil so that it doesn't touch the wood bowl directly.

The finished product is stunning! The photos just don't do it justice. I'm telling you, it is so pretty! I had a few plants left over, too, so I'm going to make another succulent planter. My oldest daughter has been wanting to make a fairy garden for over a year now and that's what we'll use it for. We found some adorable fairy garden accessories at Joann's. I'll post photos on Instagram and Facebook once we get it finished. Have a great weekend!

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