Tuesday, April 19, 2016

An Organized Potting Bench

About four years ago, my husband built a potting bench for me using some free pallets we had. I used that bench off and on, but never on a consistent basis. Last summer, I stained it with some gel stain that I had left over from another project, vowing that I'd finally put this bench to good use. But, it still sat mostly unused.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I had been working in my yards, potting my planters with spring and summer blooms and I really needed a place to work that was organized and would make things easier (and confine the mess to one area). You may remember my potting bench inspiration I shared not long ago. I used those images to inspire me to pull together my own little organized potting area, and all on a budget. (Because I'd rather spend my money on pretty flowers!)

The large items I used, I already had on hand; the potting bench and the chain link gate. I knew I could use the gate to hang tools or other items from, and it had been sitting unused since we first bought our home and took down the chain link fence in the yard. 

I pulled all my pots and tools from all of their random stashes and brought them all together in one place. 

 I hung some fresh herbs by tying garden twine around metal pots (from Ikea). This is easy to change out if needed and easy to get to for cooking use.

My hubby attached metal plant hooks to both sides on the bench for me. I can hang actual hanging plants if I want, or in this case, an empty basket housing unused pots and on the other side, my watering can.

A bucket holds garden tools with plenty of room for more items if needed.

The lower shelf holds unused pots and buckets, and a few birdhouses for good measure. 

Shopping List:
*Galvanized metal chalkboard, Target Dollar Spot
*Metal planters, Ikea
*Metal "Garden" bucket, Target Dollar Spot
*Metal watering can, Lowe's
*Plant hangers, Lowe's
*Slate plant markers, Target Dollar Spot
*Metal bucket with scoop, TJ Maxx
*Mini clay pots, Dollar Tree
*Rosemary Wreath Topiary, Sam's Club

I'm so glad I finally got this done. It's a pretty and functional space I can use throughout the growing season and it cost very little to put together. Now, to go enjoy this beautiful weather and sunshine! 

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