Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Spring Wreath Refresh

While I was making my mossy monogram letter a couple days ago, I decided that I would use the rest of the moss to refresh a wreath that I already had on hand. 

I love this moss wreath (that I actually bought from a friend), but the moss had faded and it was kind of just blah. It no longer was a vibrant green, more of just muted green. But for Spring, I really wanted vibrant so I decided to add the new moss to it to give it new life. 

This bag of moss came from TJ Maxx for only $3.99. I was able to do this project as well as the monogram letter and still had some left over for future projects. And once again, this was very simple and quick; just hot glue and around ten minutes to make this wreath sing again. 

For not a lot of money or time, I was able to refresh this wreath for a vibrant spring entry item! It makes me so excited that Spring is on its way! 

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