Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vibrant Summer Patio

At this moment, my back patio is in sad shape.  It's messy and jumbled,  houses the lawn mower and a small four wheeler, and is just a hot mess. Mismatched pots, randomly placed tables and chairs, and toys just add to the hodge podge feel of it. 

With a Fourth of July Barbecue deadline approaching, I have been motivated to make it look presentable on a budget. I came up with a color scheme that will look great for the Fourth of July as well as year round. 

1.BM-Firefly//2.BM-Florida Keys Blue//3.BM-Hot Tamale//4.BM-Hale Navy//5.Yellow Rug//

Let's start with the color scheme. My front door is currently painted Florida Keys Blue.  At Easter, I added a monogram bunny with a yellow bow to the front door and I really like how the yellow popped from the turquoise blue.  When I planted flowers in my pots and window box, I planted red and it all looks really great together. It gave me the idea to use that color scheme for my back patio.  Adding the navy is great for the Fourth of July, but it also grounds the otherwise uber-vibrant color scheme. 

While it is not in the budget for me to go out and buy everything brand new or all that is on this design board, I can still achieve the look using what I currently have or DIYing new items.  I already have two of the white chairs from Ikea that I will use, as well as an assortment of throw pillows.  I plan on making a yellow rug similar to this one, and for pops of color, spray paint will be my best friend. 

Remember this ladder?  I used it as a plant stand last year. It has seen better days, for sure. I'm still going to use it as a plant stand and a fresh coat of spray paint will make it all red!  

I have so many mismatched pots.  They are all getting a coat of paint for a more cohesive look. 

I have two of these shelves. My hubby made them for me out of pallet wood and they once housed books in my youngest daughter's room before we redid it. They were white and now they are a fresh red.  I think I'm going to hang them on the wall under my patio above a table to house extra condiments, paper goods, or whatever is needed for barbecues. 

I have been working hard this week to get all of this stuff painted.  So. Much. Spray paint! I think I have gone through three cans of red, and one blue, white, and yellow so far. But in the end, it is less expensive than buying all new things. Can't wait to share with you when I'm done! 

Have a stupendous weekend, my friends. 


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