Monday, June 23, 2014

Pillow Pizzazz

In moving forward with getting my back patio ready for the Fourth of July, I worked on a project that only took me about fifteen minutes to complete. I had a red pillow (that my mom gave me) and two oblong navy ones (that I got for $2.50 each at Old Time Pottery to use as inserts) that I wanted to use to add a little color to the patio. But they were just so plain and sad as they were. 

I could practically hear them begging for a makeover, for a little pizzazz. 

So, I obliged and had them spiffed up in no time.  I used a lid to stamp the polka dots on the navy pillows.  I did not add a fabric medium to the paint. I just used regular craft paint that I had on hand.  For the number four, I made my own stencil out of cardstock. 

I actually really like the imperfections. It gives the pillows character.........and a little pizzazz

This project was simple, took very little time, and didn't cost me a dime because I already had everything on hand.  Sometimes, small things can have a big impact!

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