Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday #14

Today is a good day.  Not just a good day, a great day.  I have finally hit a milestone that I have been pushing toward for the last two weeks as the scale didn't budge. I'm relieved, encouraged, and thankful that I finally got there.  

You see, over the past few years when my weight has yo-yo'ed, losing five gaining ten, losing ten gaining fifteen over and over and over, my weight crept up, UP, UP.  I never lost more than twenty pounds at a time, and even then, that was short lived.  I was certainly never consistent enough for any significant change.  I hadn't changed from the inside out. 

But today is different.  I have been consistent for over fourteen weeks now. There has been a shift in the way I live.  A paradox to what my life was before.  Each day, I see a glimpse of the Amanda that I once was peeking through more and more.  The athlete growling inside of me is showing herself. The fiery-not-gonna-stop determination is being stoked each day.  

Day 1 at 304 pounds. 

A couple weeks ago at 28 pounds lost. 

Today is a good day.  A great day. Not just because of the pounds lost, but because of what I've gained so far on this journey; a freedom from being controlled by food, a positive outlook, and feeling better about myself. 

This week's weight loss is two pounds, bringing my total to 30 pounds lost!
I am so excited to hit that thirty pound mark.  I think the adjustments I made from last week paid off. 

 Also, I finally broke down and got a gym membership.  I was just going to Zumba and Boot Camp classes, running/walking and lifting free weights at home.  I have finally got it through my stubborn head that I can't run right now or I am going to completely blow out my knee.  I joined the gym so that I can use the Eliptical machine and the weight machines in addition to attending classes.  Maybe one day I can run again, but right now I think it is best to play it safe since my knee has been bothering me a lot again lately. 

I ordered these Dancesocks from Amazon to wear during Zumba since we are on carpet and it is hard to maneuver on it sometimes. I wore them for the first time Monday night and they were wonderful.  It made it a lot easier to move and I wasn't worried about hurting my knee.  My friend, Sara, taped my knee for me for Zumba and that helped out a lot as well. (Thank you so much, Sara!)

I got on the Eliptical yesterday for the first time in over a year. I stayed on for thirty minutes.  My quads were on fire, but I loved every minute of it. I also did ten minutes on the treadmill, jumped rope, and did all the leg machines. I absolutely enjoyed working out. I wanted to keep going, to keep pushing myself but time constraints had me reluctantly walking out of the gym. I think I might be getting addicted to the high that comes from a good workout.  

I can't wait to go back today!

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