Monday, February 17, 2014

Sweet Gum Bottom B&B Redesign Part 2

Happy Monday!  I'm back today with Part 2 of the Sweet Gum Bottom B&B Redesign.  If you missed Part 1, you can see it here

Let me start off by telling you that a couple weekends ago, my husband and I celebrated our ninth anniversary.  We stayed at Sweet Gum Bottom to celebrate.  It was our very first stay at any B&B and we didn't really know what to expect, but we loved how relaxing it is.  The owners, Ricky and Laura Oswald went above and beyond to make our stay a great one.  (This is not a paid endorsement, just my own opinion.)

When we arrived, I was greeted with a dozen red roses that my husband had sent ahead of time.  I was so surprised!

Later that evening, we had an amazing steak dinner.  Ya'll, it was so good.  It rivaled any steak house!  Mr. Ricky and Mrs. Laura sure do know how to cook. 

Okay, so back to the Redesign.  I just had to brag for a second on how wonderful our stay and the food was. (We also had a scrumptious breakfast, but more on that in a minute.)

Here is the Dining Room Before:
It was beautiful, had lots of traditional and antique decor elements. In the new design, we mixed the old with the new, adding some contemporary accents to her antique pieces. 


A fun plate wall wraps around the corner of the room.  Mrs. Laura already had most, if not all of the these plates. 

In the opposite corner, this interesting arrangement hangs.  Some friends of mine were refinishing their grandparents' furniture and these panels were on the fronts of all the matching pieces.  They were that seventies green color and were a bit too ornate to be on the front of every piece.  So, my friends popped them off and asked if I wanted them and of course I said yes.  Jared and I glued them onto some thin wood, spray painted them white, and now they are an art installment that pops. 

This fresh vignette sits atop an antique armoire.  We used the books and vase to add some color.  I like that this is versatile.  Mrs. Laura can add filler to the large apothecary jar according to the season if she wants.  And if she wants to display the menu or any notices to her guests, it can be pinned on the decorative cork board on the left. 

When I took the photos for this post, we had just finished our amazing breakfast.  We got to meet and visit with another young couple that we ended up having some things in common with. I guess you never know who you will meet at a B&B.  Great experience. 

And did I mention that the food was amazing?  Our breakfast started with baked mango. Then, we had the traditional bacon and eggs with french toast.  But it was unlike any other french toast I'd ever had.  The flavor and texture were unique and delicious!

Sun Porch Before:

Mrs. Laura had the table and four chairs in storage and was able to place it in the far corner of the enclosed porch.  

This is where we at our steak dinner and it was quite cozy!

This porch overlooks the most beautiful courtyard.  I tried to include pictures that showed off the view.

Simple mantle; white frames and fresh flowers. 

Mrs. Laura also recovered her swing in a bold yellow print to help tie in with the rest of the common spaces. 

Can't you imagine swinging here, sipping a cup of coffee, enjoying that beautiful courtyard?  

I couldn't wrap this post up without showing you Mr. Duck.  Mrs. Laura and I found him at flea market and both thought he would make for an interesting decor item.  We left him there that day and she ended going back to get him.  He ended up on the porch.  Great place for an unexpected item, right?  And I hear he's a great listener. 

The only thing left to do is paint the sun porch floor. I think I have Mrs. Laura talked into stripes, but we shall see.  When it's done, I'll share and update.  

I hope you all enjoyed seeing that transformation as much as I enjoyed being a part of it!  Be sure to go visit Sweet Gum Bottom B&B on their website to see what all they have to offer. 


  1. Amanda, I love this blog! Thank you so much for the kind words! We are so happy that you and Jerod were able to enjoy a little quiet time alone!
    I love everything that you encourages me to do! I love it all! And I think I am going to strip the porch floor like you suggested... yay, i'm excited!
    Thanks so much~

    1. Thanks, Mrs. Laura! Just speaking the truth from my heart!


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