Friday, September 20, 2013

Repurpose: From Shirt to Pretty Patterned Pumpkin

I have this cute houndstooth shirt.  It has blues, oranges, and yellows.  So adorable. I even bought jewelry to match it.  A great statement necklace and a couple of chevron bangle bracelets.  

But I ripped it.  And because of the material it is made of, it can't be repaired.  I didn't want to throw it away and I didn't want to donate a ripped shirt. So I came up with an idea!  

I could cover pumpkins with it!

I have been crushing on turquoise and blue pumpkins.  I thought this fabric paired with turquoise pumpkins would make a nice combination.  

I sprayed my dollar store pumpkins white (the fabric is kind of see-through), covered them with the fabric from the shirt and adhered it with a glue gun. Then hot glued the painted and fabric-adorned pumpkins to a grapevine wreath.  

After cutting circles out of the shirt near the bottom, I still had the sleeves and shoulders intact.  I used it to tie the wreath to the door.  

I added a few sprigs of small birch tree branches that I spray painted gold to give it a little dimension. 

Now, I have to get the rest of my front porch fall decorations finished. Be sure to check back for the full reveal! 

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