Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pretty Pink Paris Room

Meticulous, organized, creative, artsy, loving. 

 These words describe my oldest daughter, K, to a T.  She is girly, loves fashion and decorating, and is always coloring or drawing or creating something from whatever she can find.  

I am often amazed at her creativity.  She thinks outside the box.  

She declared last weekend that she is going to be a fashion designer when she grows up. (Her sister is going to be a singer and K is to design all of her stage outfits.) At seven years old, I think she has a pretty good plan.  

When we were planning how to decorate her room, she decided she wanted a "Paris Room."  Inspired by one of her favorite Barbie movies, a pretty pink Paris room is what we went for.  

And it suits her.  In all her girly, twirly ways. 

We started with green walls.  Green walls for a girly Parisian room? I don't think so.

They had to be pink.   Barbie pink.  

I painted her daybed black, hung an antique widow frame and Bonjour bunting, and topped it off with tulle poufs.  (Sorry about the horrible pics.  It was my old camera and terrible lighting.)

Here are a couple of shots to show how we decorated her room for Christmas last year, carrying on the Parisan/Barbie theme on her tree.

That makes me excited for Christmas.  I am already planning how to decorate this year! Are you gearing up for Christmas early, too?

As much as I love this pretty pink room, changes are coming.  This room will get a transformation soon and I will be sharing in an upcoming series called 31 Days.  The series will start October 1st.  I hope you will come back and check it out!

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