Wednesday, March 04, 2015

My Faves Party

Over the weekend, I hosted a "My Faves Party" for some of my girlfriends.  Lots of versions of these parties are all over Pinterest, and I've wanted to have one for a long while. They just looked so fun and weren't your average let's-just-get-together-to-eat-and-do-nothing party. After hosting the dinner party before Christmas, I saw even more the need for ladies to connect. I think we all get caught up in our own families' schedules, and the general busyness of life and we lose that connection and community with our friends that we so need. We really have to be intentional in connecting with one another, and I plan to continue to host my friends ever so often so that we can have a night to have fun, connect with each, and laugh. A lot. I mean, lots of laughs! For real, we laughed so much and had a blast!

To make things simple, we all made some of our favorite appetizers or deserts. The food was amazing and we all got to try some new things. Hooray for new recipes to try!

There are a few ways to run your favorite things party, but this is how we did it: each person was to choose one of their favorite things in the price range of $5-$6 and bring five of that item. We displayed all of the items on my buffet and the table and shelves beside so everyone could check out what everyone brought. Each person wrote their names five times on slips of paper and but them in a bowl. We went around the room and each person got up to tell what their item was and where they usually buy it. Then, they drew five names from the bowl and those five people got one of her five things.

 We had a lot of awesome Faves!

Vintage coffee cups, to-go creamer and coffee.

Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino, Lindor chocolates, nail polish, and earrings.

Nail polish, candle jewelry, Neutrogena hand cream, Victoria's Secret lip gloss

Bath and Body Works Car Scents, Baby Lips--Grape

Key chain Chapstick holder, Organic Coconut oil

Cup covers and notepads, Cup
 We also had white dishes, Better Homes and Gardens Storage Cube, Coke in the glass bottle, and more Bath and Body Works.

I had some questions on each of the three tables above favorites. We all wrote our favorites on our paper chalkboard placemats.



Above, the items I ended up with. Great faves! I can't wait to try out the nail polish. Below are some faves a couple others went home with.

Here are a couple of the placemats with faves doodled all over them!

I love that the quote on this one is from Forest Gump! Too funny.

We had such a great time, and I already have big ideas for our next girl's night. Have you ever hosted a favorite things/faves party? Did you do things differently? Leave a comment. I'd love to hear about it!

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