Monday, July 14, 2014

A Collected Home

I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago about not wanting my home to look like I went to a "big box furniture store" and brought home a furniture set that was on display. I want to surround myself with things that I love, things that have character and tell a story.  I don't want a "buy it right now and settle for what I find" home, I want a "collected" home.

I think in watching HGTV and the DIY Network sometimes, it makes it appear as if you can have a fully furnished home with lots of unique finds in a day or a week.  And while the professionals on those shows may have a treasure trove of awesome oddities and full-of-character-furniture pieces at their disposal, it probably takes the rest of us time to collect just the right things for our homes. I like to wait to find that thing that really speaks to me. No. The thing that sings to me.

This chair was one of those items that sang to me.  I found it a flea market for $28.  I loved the tone of the wood. I loved the round seat, the lines of the back of the chair, and the beautiful legs.  Sometimes, you see something and there is no debating, Should I get it? You just know it belongs with you in your home.  Those are the things that are one-of-a-kind, the items that are unique and no one can go online or to a furniture store and find the same thing. These things have a story to tell.

I think accenting your home with these type things are what gives it uniqueness. And you can't do it all in a day or a year. It takes time to get that "collected" look. 

This chair is absolutely gorgeous, right? I'm so glad I found it.

Here are a few more items that "sang to me" over the weekend. No debate about whether to buy, just a confident You belong with me

This wooden lamp needs to be re-wired, but it is absolutely gorgeous and is quite large. It's three feet ten inches from the base to the finial.  

I loved the worn, chippiness of the wood and paint.  I loved the size and bulk of the piece. 

The shape of the shade is beautiful in all of its rusty glory. I may spray it with poly to keep the rust from flaking and use an Edison bulb in the lamp. Or I might get a new shade and use this shade frame to make a flush mount light. Not sure yet. (Got this for $5)

This little stool isn't quite sturdy enough for sitting, but is perfect for a small side table. I loved its worn, paint-spattered legs. And you can never go wrong with classic, hard-back books. (Stool, $3 and both books for $1.75)

The picture doesn't do this lamp justice. It is a very well-made, sturdy lamp, and it is bigger than it looks.  I love the adjustable swing arm and the lines of it. Just gorgeous. This will go in the reading nook in the living room when I get furniture to make the reading nook in the living room. (Lamp was $20)

This suitcase stand has lots of possibilities in my mind. It might become a base for a side table. ($3)

And this was the least expensive purchase that I made this weekend. Three wire baskets for $1. Yep,  just a dollar!  I love industrial stuff and these would be great in an office, or just to organize stuff. 

I love all of these "finds." They are unique and they have a story. Little by little, I am on my way to a collected home. 

What is your favorite "collected" piece you have found? Let me know in the comments!

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