Thursday, July 24, 2014

Favorite Things: Target Edition

Every time I mention I want to go to Target, my husband gives me the eye roll of all eye rolls and asks why I want to go again. I don't think I can make him understand all of the great-on-your-budget-best-priced-home-decor-around-goodness of the place. So I endure the eye rolls and husband sighs of the century and promise to walk around Bass Pro Shops later with him (whilst giving him the best wifey eye roll I can muster) if he will just let me have an hour.  Just one hour of blessed Target time to hold me over until the next time I can meander the aisles with a cup of Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha in my hand.

Here are some Target items that caught my eye for this edition of Favorite Things

//Knit Geo Pillow//

My eye is drawn to geometric prints. I love the pattern of this pillow. It really pops!

//American Simplicity X-back Dining Chair//

These x-back chairs are timelessly beautiful and are a wonderful price. In fact, I am expecting a shipment to my home any day now with six of them to go with my dining room table.

//Young House Love Hexagon Decorative Picture Hanger//
I love the color and shape of this picture hanger. I could see just one in a small space or a group of three in a larger area to really make an impact. 

//Nate Berkus Patterned Ceramic Tray//
I probably could think of ten different ways to use this adorable tray. Love the design on it. 

//Safavieh Meadow Sunburst Mirror//
If you want a statement piece in a room, this sunburst mirror would definitely be the right choice. 

Have a great weekend! It would be the perfect time to get in a little Target time. 

This is not a sponsored posts. All opinions are my own.

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