Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Waverly Chalk Painted Dresser

A few weeks ago, my husband spotted this gem on a local Facebook buy/sell/trade page. He showed it to me, and I immediately jumped at getting this beautiful dresser. The price was right and it was exactly the style and size that I needed for my daughter's bedroom.

I'm not exactly sure how old this dresser is, but it was in pretty good condition apart from the sanded top and the dated color......a dingy cream with brownish-gold trim. I knew that it'd be an easy fix to make this dresser sing again.

I've used chalk paint many times before to update furniture pieces, but had never used the Waverly brand. It's much more affordable than the Annie Sloan brand, but I wasn't sure that the quality would be the same. I decided to try it out. If I didn't like it, it's just a matter of repainting. I chose the colors Plaster for the body and Elephant for the trim. How can you go wrong with white and gray? (By the way, my go-to paint of choice for furniture is chalk or milk paint because it eliminates the need to sand or prime in the first place in most circumstances.)

However, when I got finished painting the gray trim, I wasn't crazy about it. It wasn't the shade of gray that I thought it would dried much darker (and with a blue tint) than I expected. I ended up repainting the trim with Valspar Mountain Smoke that I already had on hand. 

Once I finished painting, I sealed it with a paste finishing wax. I use Minwax paste wax. It goes on with a hint of an orange tint, but it dries clear. I love that stuff. I've used it on many pieces and it always looks nice and gives a nice finish. When refinishing furniture, especially when using chalk paint or milk paint, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! It's very important to seal it to protect the paint and give it longevity. Milk paint has a flat finish and if left unsealed, it will easily stain or chip. If you're going to distress your piece, do it before you use your wax. When you apply the wax, it should keep it from further chipping. (I didn't distress this dresser.)

After I painted the gray trim, I took some gold metallic craft paint and gently rubbed it on. I wanted a slightly aged look with a little bit of shimmer. It worked out perfectly and I am in love with the result! It's so pretty how it catches the light. 

Overall, I would say that the Waverly paint worked just as well as some of its more expensive counterparts.  I didn't even use a whole container of paint for this project and it was a pretty small jar. You can purchase this paint at Wal-Mart, however the availability may vary by store and region. My local Wal-Mart used to carry it in the store, but now doesn't. I had to order mine from I was pleased with how this dresser turned out and will definitely use this paint again, even if I have to order in online. It was worth it. 

Have you ever used Waverly chalk paint before? What were your experiences with it? Do you have another chalk paint or milk paint that you love? I want to hear about it! Leave a comment below!

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