Monday, March 31, 2014

Scrabble Letter Art

Back in October, my friend Stephanie and I went to a cute little vintage goods sale in Pike Road, Alabama.  The Chapel Market was hosted by Layla of The Lettered Cottage, and many other bloggers came to sell their goods.  Miss Mustard Seed, Urban Farmgirl, Thistlewood Farms, At the Picket Fence, and Perfectly Imperfect just to name a few of them.  (You can see my posts about The Chapel Market here and here.) I was in hog heaven!  We had an amazing time!

I picked up some Scrabble letters from Miss Mustard Seed's booth, and they have been sitting in my closet ever since.  (I got all the letters I needed then except the "H." My dear, sweet, giving friend, Stephanie, let me steal an "H" from her Scrabble set. We had to dig to find it. It may have been her last one.  So, if you are gonna play Scrabble with Stephanie, you are out of luck for "H" words.)  You just can't find old Scrabble sets anywhere around here. I have looked at ALL the thrift stores/flea markets in the area. So if you find any, you know who to call. This girl!  I had in mind what I wanted to do with the letters when I bought them, but I just hadn't gotten around to getting the project done. 

Aside: Does anyone actually play Scrabble anymore?  I mean, didn't Words With Friends kind of make Scrabble obsolete? I know my mom and I have sat in the same room before and played Words With Friends. Is that weird?  That's kind of like texting someone who is right beside you, isn't it?  I'm sure there are Scrabble/board game purists out there, but I'm not one of them.  I do enjoy the occasional board game, but I honestly don't think I have ever played Scrabble.  Is that sad? That's really sad. Maybe I should play Scrabble with Stephanie. Stephanie would be fun to play Scrabble with. Note to self....think of lots of words that don't have the letter "H" before I do play Scrabble with her. Who thought of the word "Scrabble" anyway?  Scrabble. That's a funny word.  Maybe they thought of calling it Scramble first.  You know, because all the letters are scrambled up.  Then they decided it would be better to call it Scrabble instead.  I don't know. 


I knew I wanted to make some framed art so I started out with the best-bang-for-your-buck picture frame....Better Homes and Gardens 8x10 matted frame for only $10 at Wal-Mart. (I have this frame a couple of other places in my home, the girls' gallery wall in their new shared bedroom being one of them. Will be sharing that with you guys really soon.) 

I gathered my supplies: hot glue gun (can't you see how loved and used it is?) and glue, scissors, frame, Scrabble letters, and scrapbook paper I got from Micheal's.  I had a couple different paper options for this project and my friend Jessica helped me settle on the turquoise and white stripes. 

Here's how: (so easy-peasy)
*Cut paper to size.
*Tape paper to the back of the matte.
*Hot glue Scrabble letters to paper.
*Assemble frame. 
*Bam! You're done! 

I originally was going to put this in the living room, but I decided to hang it on the gallery wall in our side entry.  I replaced a framed burlap monogram that was there with this new art and it looks a little more substantial and crisp now. (I moved the burlap monogram frame to the top open shelf of my looks good in its new home behind the milk glass.)

This makes me smile every time I pass now.  Got a Scrabble game that never gets played anymore?  Use the letters to make your own art! (How cute would this be for newlywed or new baby gifts?) Endless possibilities!

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  1. Love it! And we still play scrabble pretty often. They even have scrabble junior now and the kids love us all playing it.

    1. I guess I will have to come play with you guys sometime. I still have never played.

  2. Super cute idea you had here.



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