Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Window Box

31 Days of Revising Home: Day 16

If you have been following my Revising Home series, welcome back!  We are at the halfway mark already!  This week we have looked at how we can revise our homes through seasonal decor, and today I am sharing my fall window box.  

If you follow the blog, you might have seen my pretty patterned pumpkin wreath that I made for my front door.  I used a houndstooth shirt that had ripped and couldn't be repaired to cover pumpkins and to hang the wreath.  I had a couple extra pumpkins that I covered with the shirt material that I decided to use in my window box. 

I used two metal topiary forms and filled them with pumpkins and gourds to create a sculptural look. 

The blue pumpkins were some from the dollar store and I painted them. They coordinate with the fabric so well. I added four small mums to give a little pop of color behind the white flowers. 

Here is one of our many, many lizard friends that live around my house. He was just hanging out while I was snapping pics. I'm not kidding. They are everywhere.  I get a little weirded out sometimes because there are so many. And not just this kind, but skinks and light pink geckos, too. My girls love them.  When my oldest was younger she had an imaginary pet lizard.  He was purple and his name was Possum.  When my girls see these lizards, they still squeal, "Possum!"

I love how my fall front porch and window box turned out. It's simple and no fuss and also a little out of the ordinary with the fabric-covered and blue pumpkins. 

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for day 17 of the Revising Home series. There are more fall goodies to share. 


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