Thursday, February 04, 2016

Playroom Table Makeover

There's nothing like finding a piece of furniture that is less than desirable and bringing it back to life with a little paint and TLC. I found this small round table for a client's playroom at a local flea market. It was at an affordable price point and was the perfect size and shape for the room. We decided to go for it, knowing that I could transform it into a fun piece for the space.

I started with an older laminate table that had seen better days. Nothing a little elbow grease and paint can't remedy. I cleaned it up and painted it with Waverly Chalk Paint in Plaster. (Ya'll pay no mind to my much used drop cloth.)

Once it was painted and dried, I added painter's tape in geometric shapes so that I could put a fun design on the top of the table.

To seal the tape and to make sure we have nice, crisp lines, I painted the edges with the same chalk paint and let dry completely before moving forward.

This is after only one coat of paint. I chose colors that we were using in other areas of the room, making sure the gray was the main color and then adding the pops of color. The gray was Southern Belle Chalk Paint. It was the first time that I'd used that brand and I really liked the coverage and the color saturation. The other colors were just latex craft paint. After a second coat and time to fully dry, I removed the painter's tape and sealed with a clear wax.

I'll be sharing the finished product soon so be sure to stop back by and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for post updates.

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