Monday, June 01, 2015

Stained Vinyl Shutters: Two Years Later

One of my most pinned and most viewed posts is How to Stain Vinyl Shutters.  I posted it almost two years ago and I've had a few people ask how it has held up. I thought I'd show you exactly how the gel stain is today after a couple years of wear and tear.

I recorded a video to show exactly what the shutters look like now. You can see that video HERE.

For the most part, from a few feet out, or even from the road, our shutters look almost exactly like they did when I first stained them. The rich, dark color pops and is a nice contrast to the orangey brick.

When you get a little closer, though, you can see that there has been a little bit of fading. It isn't really that noticeable until you get a couple of feet away from the shutters.

The fading isn't terrible and I'm still very pleased with the gel stain. I guess it's just like any other home project; maintenance is imperative. I'll probably put another coat on the shutters in the fall when it isn't quite so hot.


Considering the ease of the project, the fact that it was inexpensive, and the way it improves the overall aesthetic of the front of our home, I'm still giving the Minwax gel stain two thumbs up.

Have you tried staining your vinyl shutters or maybe even a vinyl garage door? How has your project held up?


  1. The results are great. I will likely use this product on our home, soon. I have been worried about UV exposure though. Minwax recommends using their Helmsman Spar Urethane over the gel stain. Did you use a topcoat over the gel stain?

  2. If my vinyl shutters are a dark brown, will I be able to lighten them with a gel stain? I want them to appear a cedar wood look.

  3. You have to stain them and use premium masterclear coat and they will last


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