Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Next Project: The Office

It's time to start working on a new project. (Although, I haven't finished the laundry room yet. I am at a standstill with that. I can't move forward without my hubby's help and his work schedule leaves him NO extra time for improvement projects at this point.) So, I am moving forward with something I can do on my own. Or, at least I can do the first couple of phases of it. 

Let me show you the before pictures. When we first moved in, this room, which right off of the current living room, was carpeted with yellow walls. This used to be the formal dining room, but we felt it was too small. It's the perfect size for an office. (These pics were from after we first moved in and had piled lots of boxes and junk in there before we had some of the renovations done.)



We removed all the carpet and put down wide plank laminate. I painted the walls grey and added some pretty curtains. And this is basically the state this room has been in for WAY TOO LONG. I mean, trying to blog from that tiny table is pretty difficult. I have no storage for office items. When people come over, I end up trying to hide stuff under the table behind the tablecloth. I am so ready to get this room done. I feel it will help me be so much more organized and on top of things. 


Here is my inspiration for this room. The walls will be staying grey except for the wall that the computer is on. It will go a dramatic black like this.....


We have a set of upper and lower cabinets left over from the kitchen remodel (the ones we pulled out of the kitchen).  I have already primed them and now they will get a couple of coats of white paint.  The cabinets will go in the center of the wall and shelves will extend on either side to the wall, creating an entire wall of built-ins. We will add a wood countertop as well. The layout will be similar to this.....
 I envision golds, blacks and whites, with big pops of color for the accessories and organization pieces. Kind of like this.......


I cannot wait to get started on this. I hope to begin painting the wall tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get the ball rolling and keep a forward momentum for completing this room. 
But while I am in get-the-office-done-organize-all-the-things mode, let me ask you this. What is your favorite place for stylish yet functional office organization?  There aren't a lot of places for me to find things in my hometown and I'll have to branch out online and in larger cities to find what I need.  Have you ever purchased items from The Container Store? I would love to know!

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