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Mini Makeover Challenge: Little Brags

I challenged Christine from Little Brags to the Mini Makeover Challenge. What's the Mini Makeover Challenge? Here's how it works:

*Makeover an area of your home without spending a penny! Using items you already have on hand, create a fresh look for your space. *Shop your home and yard for items you love. *Choose a space to makeover. Could be a reading nook, bedroom, foyer, anything you want! * Remember, you can't spend one penny!

Let's see how Christine rose to the challenge!

Hello there , I'm Christine from Little Brags. I am so stoked that  talented and pretty Amanda
asked me to participate in her Mini Makeover Challenge! 

My brain was racing with ideas on what areas to make over in our home with items I already have on hand. 
Then I figured, the best way to update some of my decor is paint, right??? I have previously used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for projects in my home and also at my work place, so out in the garage I went and brought in my paint cans. 

Here is what I choose for the makeover...this is our living room, it has these HUGE ceilings and this cute little window nook up there. It was painted a beautiful ginger red, which I loved for the past 7 years but I have slowly  been eliminating the "Mediterranean" accent colors we have all over our house. They are beautiful warm colors but my taste has simply changed and I am now craving a more "Scandinavian" look with warm grey's, lots of contrast and natural wood accents (if that makes sense). So here is the red window nook before.

Pretty,  but I simply needed a change .....

 First thing on then list was painting the accent wall, which was a little scary cuz I couldn't reach
above the window with my paint brush, so I had to put a stepping stool up there. 

I had 2 Annie Sloan paint colors on hand, one was "Graphite" which is an off black, the other was 
"French Linen" which is a beautiful lighter greyish/beigish. I mixed the 2 colors 50/50 to get this
end result paint color for the wall.

 Next on the To Do list was painting the greenish/brown ceramic candle holders

I gave them 1 coat of graphite and then a second coat of french linen

And then guess what happened next??? The larger of the 2 candle sticks had an accident....
I swear I am such a big klutz....I was soooo mad at myself. All that work and I broke it. 
ARGGGG!  I had my heart set on candles up there and I did not have any others 
in the right size at home. So out of desperation I ran to World Market and got a couple
of huge glass candle holders from the clearance section. I hope this does not 
dis-qualify me from this challenge. I certainly didn't plan on breaking the beast.

I also wanted to add some natural greens up there, and I had this large moss wreath I made
some time back. But I didn't like the bright moss green against the grey wall,  luckily I had some
different colored moss in my craft closet so I simply gave the wreath another coat of a more natural 
green moss with my glue gun.

And Taaaa Dahhh here is the end result
I had all the other things such as the crate 
and light at home already.

It is really hard taking photos against the light from a window, so forgive me if the pictures 
aren't super great, the wall actually looks darker here then it really is.

The light adds so much warmth and glow...LUV IT

One of my larger crates turned into a tiny side table

here are a few pics that inspired the look I was going for

Amanda, thanks again for inviting me to the challenge.
I am so sorry I had to cheat and make a trip to World Market out of desperation. 
Oh well, accidents happen!!!! Smooches!
 photo signature_zps2231f866.png

Thanks, Christine! I love what you did using the paint and the wreath and moss you had on hand! Beautiful! 

Be sure to head over to Little Brags and take a look around Christine's blog. She is so creative and has a beautiful home! And isn't it amazing what you can do in a home spending little to no money using items you already have on hand? You  just have to get a little creative. 

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