Thursday, November 07, 2013

Painted Front Door

You know, I think that painting a front door is like putting on lipstick.  A pretty shade of lipstick can pull an outfit together, can top off a look.  It can make the okay look more fabulous.  

Painting a front door can mean the difference between "Meh" and "Man oh man!"  I've been meaning to paint our front door for months now, but, until now, just haven't seemed to get around to it.  

You see, our home was kind of boring.  It had white doors, white trim, white windows, and white shutters. I stained my vinyl shutters a couple months ago.  That was like my home's eyeshadow, the mascara.  You know, when you add eye makeup, it brighten's up the whole face.  And staining my shutters brightened up my home.  It made it stand out just a little bit more.  Suddenly, you had something to look at other than white

But, the look wasn't complete. Not yet.  Not without the lipstick.  And every girl needs a good shade of lipstick. 

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Our brick is a reddish orange.  I wanted a bold color to compliment the brick, so I thought turquoise and orange would be perfect just like in this color scheme.  The door color needed to be bold enough to stand out and draw the eye.  Our front door is recessed back, and since it is white, you really don't even see it. 

I started with two shades of blue.  The left is Festoon Aqua by Sherwin Williams and the right is Florida Keys Blue by Benjamin Moore.  While I love Festoon Aqua, it was a bit too muted in the outside light.  I went for the bolder color.  It was the perfect shade of lipstick for my home.   

I added a house number decal that I ordered from Leen the Graphics Queen over a year ago.   It was great quality and affordable at only $10!

I also spray painted the door knob and lock with Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze.  The lock was gold and the knob was aged and had been painted on a few times.  This unifies the two and gives it new life. 

Now that I have the "lipstick" on,  I am kind of debating painted the trim around the side windows to make it look like it is all one door unit instead of a door and two side windows.  I just can't decide if I should or not or what color I should if I did.  (I was thinking either a color like the shutter stain or the aqua.)  What do you think?  

To paint or not to paint?  That is the question.


  1. Love it. I've been thinking about painting our front door for a while now. You may have pushed me over the edge to actually do it.

  2. You've found the perfect lipstick, Amanda! You've boosted the curb appeal of your home with that aqua door. I suggest repainting your side windows too. Whether you use the aqua or the shutter stain, it'll look nice in your front yard. I'll just wait for your update regarding the painting job. :)

    Ryann Hoyer @

    1. Thanks so much! I think I need to paint it, too. I will definitely update when I get it done!

  3. Aqua is very soothing to the senses! It lightens the aura of your house, and I must say that your new door color perfectly matches your brick walls. Since you already updated your door color, why not consider repainting those immaculate white shutter windows as well?

    -Jesse Morrison @ JonWrightRoofing


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