Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Whimsical Wonderland Bedroom

My youngest child, A, is lively and full of spunk.  She makes me laugh with just a look.  She always knows the right moment for comic relief, the right look to give exactly when she is getting in trouble to make her daddy melt.  She is boisterous, loves to be around people, and sings with abandon every chance she gets.

She might be a little more like me than I care to admit.

My sweet five year old is compassionate, tender-hearted, and has the most infectious giggle in the world.  

When I close my eyes and think of her, I see color!  

Last year at Christmas. Yes, she was singing at the top of her lungs when I took this picture.  Probably her rendition of  Tis the Season which goes a little more like, "Scooby dooby dooby dooby jolly." 

I knew her room had to be as vibrant as she.  I wanted to add as much color to her room as she adds to my life.  So, I got a color-laden plan. 


When we moved into our home, her room looked like this. The walls were a dark burnt orange/reddish color. I wanted to brighten it up!


I painted a whimsical tree on her wall above her reading corner.  The flowers are cupcake liners. The pink bird and quote is vinyl. 

Her reading corner features two shelves my husband made out of pallet wood, a bunting with her name on it, and lots of pillows for getting comfy!

I painted her bed a bright yellow. The yellow was repeated in her bedskirt fabric, monogram pillow, and the window valance. 

Whew! If only I could keep it this clean!  More often than not, it is strewn to high Heaven, but that is another story.  

I have loved this sweet little room, but change is on its way.  Soon, I will be changing things around and will be sharing in a special series next month. It's called 31 Days and is hosted by The Nesting Place.  Looking forward to making her room and my home more functional for our family and sharing it with you!

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