Monday, October 19, 2015

Sheet Music Embellished Grapevine Wreath

Hello, friends! I'm finally back today with a tutorial that I'd planned on sharing last week. Our internet was on the fritz and we had to get a replacement modem and router from our internet provider. It took longer for us to get it than we thought, but at least now we have a stable connection. And, yes, I'll admit it, I didn't have the motivation to go the library or somewhere with free internet to post. Sorry, guys.

In addition to little things like not having internet, I've just felt really off balance lately. I can't seem to get my ducks in a row, you know? It just seems there have been so many things pulling me in different directions and I just get frozen in this immobile place. I know I haven't been posting as regularly here, and that's partly because of the whole feeling stuck thing, and partly because I think I just needed a little time to not feel like I had to post three to five times a week. I needed to cut myself a little slack. 

Sometimes my mom's cancer weighs heavily on my heart, although she is doing quite well right now. I lost my grandfather a month and a half ago, my other grandfather is in poor health, and over the weekend my grandmother (whose husband just passed) was hospitalized for stroke and aneurysm. Anyway, I know I can rely on God for all things, and I do have a peace, but it still makes me really sad sometimes. 

With that being said, something that really makes me come alive is being able to sit down and create something with my hands, to make something pretty to share with you, and to show you how you can make your own if you want. Even though I haven't posted all of my fall projects, I have them done. Today's tutorial is just a simple project that's a small part of the whole fall decor in my home. Check back tomorrow for my fall home tour. (Yes, about a month after I should've shared it.....sigh.....oh well.)

I really love wood tones and aged things for fall decor. I have lots of vintage sheet music, so I decided to make an embellished grapevine wreath to add texture and interest my fall decor in my dining room. To make your own, here's what you'll need:

*8 inch grapevine wreaths. (I ordered a pack of six on Amazon).
*Vintage sheet music or book pages
*A hot glue gun

Start by folding your paper accordion style. 

Then, cut your paper into thirds. Your sections of folded paper should only be around four inches long. 

Using your hot glue gun, start adhering the paper folds to the grapevine wreath, making sure to not leave any gaps. You may have to glue between the paper folds as well. 

Then, hang with ribbon of your choice. I made small wreaths so I could hang multiples on this ladder (actually the side of an old crib that I found on the side of the apologies there.....I totally love it!)

That's all there is to it. SO easy to make. You could always make smaller or larger wreaths and adjust your paper size accordingly. How cute would a variation of this be for Christmas ornaments? They sell small, four inch wreaths that would be perfect for that. 

I can't tell you how cute this turned out! The photos just don't do the wreaths justice. Please stop back by tomorrow for my fall home tour and see how they coordinate with other elements in my fall decor. Thanks for reading!

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