Monday, April 27, 2015

Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo Recap 2015

This is a couple of weeks late, but I'm just now getting around to sharing about this year's Rattlesnake Rodeo. The Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo is a weekend filled with vendors, activities, and music. This year, Gary Allen played on Saturday night, and The Newsboys headlined on Sunday night. (For info or the rodeo, click here.) 
My daughters and my niece enjoying some snacks while listening to some live music.
With my nephew.

My friend, Bethany, and I sang Sunday afternoon. And a big thanks to JC for playing for us and singing with us!


Later that afternoon, we got to meeet the Newsboys. They were so nice. It was an honor to meet them.

Then, we got to enjoy the concert!

I forgot to mention that this day was an icky, rainy Sunday. It sputtered on and off all afternoon, and by the time the concert was in full swing, it was a steady downpour. We sat under a covered area in the stadium, but lots of people were out in the rain. You can see the rain coming down in this photo.

Michael Tate finally got an umbrella so he could venture out on the catwalk without soaking his mic. Throughout the concert, they ended up put an umbrella and plastic over the monitors and in front of the keyboard player because the rain was getting onto the stage. They were troopers playing in the crazy weather and all of those people close to the stage were, too. It was definitely a memorable night.

This part was cool. The drummer's platform raised up in the air.....

...then tilted sideways and started spinning. The drummer never missed a beat. I was impressed.

I'm so glad that the Rodeo started doing family days on Sunday and featuring Christian bands. (Last year was the first year they did that. You can see that post HERE.) It was such a fun day and I'm definitely looking forward to next year. 

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