Thursday, October 16, 2014

We Are Not Competing

I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the way women treat each other sometimes. I have always been one to believe the best about someone, to optimistically hope for the good in every situation. I think sometimes I forget we are imperfect people living in a fallen world. So, when I do witness less than becoming behavior from grown women, it does kind of take me by surprise. I know it shouldn't. Maybe I'm a bit naive. 

But, can I just talk to you for a minute? Woman to woman? 

Why do we feel the need to tear each other down, especially when a peer starts to excel or succeed at something? Why, when we see someone who is reaching for her dreams, do we want to nitpick and talk about her behind her back? 

It's almost as if women will cheer each other first. Then, when we see that someone is going a little further than we do, or lose a little more weight, or get that promotion we wanted, or, or, or.....we bristle, get jealous, and resent them for their accomplishments and successes. We do the opposite of encourage and exhort.....we want to sabotage and tear down. 

That is prideful and selfish. That is not wanting the spotlight on anyone but ourselves.  And that is not how we are called to act. 

In a perfect world, our sisters in Christ would rejoice with each other as we succeed. We would cheer each other on. We would rally behind and support, helping each other reach our goals. We would esteem others, selflessly putting them ahead of ourselves.  We wouldn't secretly gloat when we see them stumble. We would be the first to help them back up.

Ladies, we are not competing with each other. There is no need for pettiness and bitterness. I am not claiming to be perfect. We all struggle sometimes. When we do get that twinge of jealously, let's quickly put it away. When we are tempted to say a not-so-kind word about someone, let's check our tongues and our hearts.  Let's love one another. How can we expect others to receive the love of Christ if we are backbiting gossips who compete with one another for every little thing? That is not love, that is hatefulness. 

I really have no interest whatsoever with competing with any other woman. Why can't we all succeed? Why can't we all "make it?" Why can't we be glad for others? God has gifted us all in different ways, and we won't succeed in the same ways. If we are secure in our position in Christ, there is no place for petty jealousy and needless competition. There is only room for love.

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