Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Southern Entertaining Essential

#1: Versatile Dinnerware

When it comes to entertaining here in the South, I like to keep things simple.  I like to have items on hand that are easily interchangeable and will work in a variety of settings. Having versatile serving pieces are key, especially when it comes to dinnerware. I like crisp, white dishes that are beautiful in any situation or occasion, as well as everyday. 

My dishes are square with more modern lines, but it you prefer, round white dishes would work wonderfully as well. (Mine are from Pier 1 about three years ago, but you can find similar ones here.) Here are some examples of why I love my white dishes and how well they look in a variety of occasions.

*Colorful Children's Party

*Gameday Dinner

*Tricks or Treats Party

*Thanksgiving Dinner

*Girlfriend's Christmas Gathering

I have so much fun with tablescapes!  I really enjoy having dinnerware that is versatile enough to look great in a variety ways. And my family uses these everyday. 

Having versatile dinnerware tops my list for essentials for Southern entertaining. What would be your top item?

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