Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Laundry Room Rescue Part 2

Yesterday, my hubby and I worked all day on our poor little laundry room. We tackled painting the walls and getting all of the cabinet bases, doors, and drawers primed and ready for paint. There is already such a huge difference in the room. I cannot wait to get it done. 

I created a design board just to give you a quick visual of the the colors I am using in the space. Since it is such a dark room with no natural light, I am keeping it pretty neutral with just little pops of color here and there. The items I used on the board to illustrate the accent colors aren't the ones I will be using in the space because I have already bought those items and couldn't find them online so I could show you. I just wanted to at least show you the small pops of color that will be showcased. The light fixture is from overstock.com.

We got all of the walls painted! Yay! I can't tell you how happy I am to have that done. I think there were three different colors on the walls before I painted yesterday; a peach and off-white color where the previous owner never finished painting the walls, and the dark gray that I started painting over that, but didn't finish because I realized it was too dark. 

It looked like this....

Then this....

I used Benjamin Moore's Oyster Shell on the walls. 

It is really hard to get a good picture in this room because of the lack of natural light. But the walls look like a bluish-gray. The color is light and airy and perfect for a dark room. 

This darker, blue-gray color is going on the cabinets. It is Grays Harbor by Sherwin Williams. 

And this minty color is for an accent I can't wait to get started on. I'm not going to tell you quite what it will be for. You will just have to come back and see! (It's Mint Gala by Valspar.)

Also, we have to "build out" one side of our cabinet base to the wall. The uppers are just a few inches longer than the base so we decided to make them line up on the right hand side and build out to the wall to fill the small gap.  I was originally going to make small open shelves so that I could put my rolls of wrapping paper there, but we decided it is just too small an area for that. 

So the walls are painted, the cabinets are primed, the too-big countertop is cut to size.  Moving right along!

If you missed Part One of our laundry room revamp, you can got get caught up here

Updated to-do list:
*tear out shelves
*rip out carpet
*Hang cabinets
*Build out side of cabinet and add trim*Paint cabinets
*Cut countertop to fit base
*Paint countertop (yes, I am going to paint it.)
*Tackle floors
*Patch hole in wall*Add baseboards and quarter round
*Paint walls, trim, and ceiling
*Build pedestals for the washer and dryer
*Add shelf above washer and dryer
*New light fixture for more light
*Replace yellowing light switches, plugs, and covers
*Organize and make it pretty

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