Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kitchen Before and After

When I first walked into my home, I looked around and fell in love with the potential I saw she possessed.  She had a lot going for her; large yard, ample living space, wonderful neighbors, and a beautiful view out back.  But to see that potential, you had to look past a few things---a yard overgrown and completely taking over, a house full of furniture and curiosities and clutter, and a list of to dos that we knew wouldn't diminish any time soon.

But when I walked through those doors, I knew she was the one for us.  And she let me know while I was there that first day, that she wanted a makeover.  And I couldn't wait to give her one!

Fast forward three months after all the inspections and documents and legal mumbo jumbo and we were ready to begin our little home improvement journey.  What was first up on the list?  The kitchen!

We only had a two week time frame to get the kitchen demo'd and to move in so we consulted with a local cabinet shop, S & H Cabinets, to do the work in our kitchen.  I couldn't wait to open the wall up between the kitchen and the living room.  I pictured an breakfast bar where K and A could have snacks or sit and do their homework and tell me about their day while I cooked supper.  S & H did an amazing job of taking our ideas and bringing them to fruition.  

This was a built in desk.  The kitchen had no pantry so we decided to take it out and put in a built in pantry.

This is the butler's pantry tucked in the side of the kitchen.

This is a view from the living room looking into the kitchen to the desk area. The built in china cabinet to the right is actually in the living room. That little wall there is where the kitchen and living room divide.

Looking into the kitchen from the living room.  Just a small pass through.  Notice there was also carpet in the living room and a gas wall heater.  We knew the carpet and heater had to go once there was a breakfast bar there.

And the Afters

Here's a breakdown of the Kitchen Renovation:
-Removed upper cabinets and soffits above the sink
-Removed built in desk and added new built in pantry.
-Removed bottom cabinet where stove was to make way for new range. Added new cabinets to flank stove. 
-Removed wall oven and modified opening to fit microwave and a new deep drawer.
-Ran new electric for pendant lights from the previous light that was above the sink.
-New doors for built-in china cabinet so it would match kitchen cabinets.
-Raise wall opening to make room for the new fridge.
-Remove old upper cabinets in butler pantry and add open shelves.
-Painted old cabinets and new cabinets.
-Added subway tile backsplash
-Added open shelves flanking new opening to living room.

Still to do:
-Hang wall art
-Replace florescent ceiling lights
-Add a rug

Whew!  I was so glad when it was done!  It took a little longer than we planned and it wasn't fun living in a demo zone, but it was so worth it in the end!  

I hope I covered everything.  If you have any questions, just comment below!


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